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Monday, October 03, 2005


I really don't like Mondays. They're just NOT my favorite days, ya know? I don't want to get out of bed and the battle of convincing kids that school really IS fun seems lost so I pull the 'Do you really want to grow up in ignorance?' angle. For some reason, that seems to work.

What's new with me. Well, I'm older. That's right. I had a birthday last week. The milestone of 29. Personally, I'm not certain why this is a milestone to some people. Many people never seem to move beyond 29. Me? Heck no. I want to go all the way to 90! Next year is the BIG THREE-OH. I plan to have one heck of a party. Not sure why many get so depressed over getting older. Would they rather the alternative? NOt getting older? I mean, really, there is only one way for that to happen and it's not really pretty, I don't think. Dead or older? I'll go with older thank you. If I have a few squint lines (yes that's what I call them, thank you very much) it only adds character to my facial features. I mean I don't want to look like Joan Crawford *shudder* Someone stop that woman from the botox and lift treatment before she freezes.

Then there was the golf club incident. Two young boys, too close together and disaster was bound to happen. Thankfully, we have no fractured orbs, strained optical muscles or any other damage other than a shiner. The four year old thought X-Rays were REALLY cool! Great. Glad someone is finding true enjoyment out of this experience. I think they gave me a few more grey hairs.

And onto other topics. Like what? Hmmmm...that's a good question. Oh, my Mom and her sisters returned from the European Ya-Ya trip. They had a blast and mom brought me BOOKS. Is she great or what? I now have plenty of research material to set a book in several countries or German cities. :) And speaking of research, the current WIP, another suspense is moving right along. :) Thank goodness. I'm needing a dead body though. I think the plot is slowing down. lol. We'll see.

That wraps it up for me. Hope everyone had a great weekend and may your week be sprinkled with smiles. :)



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