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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Things in Life...

...I just don't understand. There are many.

So what don't I understand? Well, hatred for one. Can't quite get my mind around it. I see where it might come from, see where dislike can distort views, but true, unadulterated hatred? Nope, can't get that. Have no clue what would drive a person to kill innocents, just because. Perhaps hatred isn't even it. More a twisted sense of motivation. Who the hell knows. I don't. Historians are still trying to understand how millions could be annihilated during WWII, the motivations, the causes, ect ect. Books will still be written on it hundreds of years from now, and so will the happenings of our current times. It doesn't however lesson the shock or devastation, the loss. Some people in this world are just ... there are no words.

My heart and sympathy go out to our friends in London. May your strength carry you all through this frightening time.



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