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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Wax on, wax off....

My a$$. OH MY GOD. Am I the only woman almost thirty who's just now discovering the 'joys' of waxing? I decided I'd wax my legs last week. I figured if I screwed up...well, it wasn't like I was going to scald something I might otherwise not want to, ya know?

Yeah, so here I go. Globbing it on, only to realize I'd gotten too much and made a complete mess. Then there was the ripping. You can take off SKIN! SKIN people. Now this is something we need. One shin looks like I took the top layer of hide off trying to climb our porch steps and the other resembled something from 'the mangy dog at the vet'. Needless to say I stopped at the thigh. No way in hell was I damaging other various parts of my body. Next time, I'm going to the spa and biting down on a strap of leather as they rip out body hair. Yeah. Medieval torture at a high point in modern times. And then there was the wax I couldn't get off. The oil they send didn't work very well. I must thank a friend for tipping me to baby oil. Really, have you asked yourself WHY do we do this? I know, I know. It's a pain to shave. So, next time I"ll just burn myself with acid...I mean... a depilatory and bladeless razor. The FUN. I can't wait!

OK, I'll stop with pointless rambles venting female frustrations.

laters~ JC


Blogger Jaci Burton said...


The only thing I'm waxing is my eyebrows...and I let my hairdresser do that cuz I tend to rip at least half an eyebrow out doing it myself. (Please try not to notice that at RT, okay? *g*)

Everything else I'll shave, thank you. ;-)

12:52 PM  

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