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Monday, January 03, 2005


Why, may I ask, are Monday's cursed? I woke up in a good mood, for crying out loud and I'm so not a morning person.

Nothing too bad, nothing catastrophic or horrific, just those stupid Monday blunders where anyting that could go wrong, does.

Plus it's all dreary out, and I'm just glad to be back home with the boys playing with their trains and tracks in the living room.

I was constructive over the weekend. I got this wonderous little blog going and really think it's cool that I can write and post anything I want to--well, just about. I put away all the Christmas crap--er decorations and am glad I don't have to mess with it until next year. Laundry done, house was clean, but with kids, clean is a relative term. I'm learning there are many 'relatives' in life and not the ones that are siblings of family or extened family.

Now I'm cleaning my office. Okay, more like organizing, but really, I want it color coded before I begin my next work.

Hope you're all having a great day!