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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ever Wonder... WHY a bunny?

I must do better at keeping up with this blog thing. Really. It’s sad, neglected and silent. Perhaps, in my current frame of mind, the title should be… “I’m bitch, hear me yell!” Yeah, not sure exactly what that means but it does fit my mood.

Well, it’s another holiday (read marketing gimmick to overdose your kids on sugar). And what the heck is with the bunny? Eggs I get. Lots of cultures have used eggs as a sign of fertility, spring, hope of life, ect ect. WHO in the heck one day decided a GIANT bunny runs around hiding eggs? Does anyone else ever wonder…huh? WHERE does he get them? Does he raid the henhouse? WHY a giant bunny? Why not a giant chicken or goose? Wouldn’t that be more appropriate in terms of hiding the eggs? Or some other form of fowl? Personally, I think it’s sad we’ve created this day with a rabbit that has serious identity issues. Maybe his mother was killed when he was young and he was raised by the chickens? Thus, he thinks himself as one? Or perhaps this is an annual statement of rebellion on the fact he’s now displaced?

I know, what is going on in my brain—who knows, I’d invite you in, but you might not survive. Lol.

Actually, I get the ancient pagan symbols of spring and fertility in the rabbits and eggs, I just can’t get where we decided to evolve this spring time festivity into what it is today. I doubt the pagans envisioned a giant rabbit merrily hopping along with nothing better to do than to hide a bunch of eggs.

But I’m exhausting this topic. Until next time, after the spring time ritual of strange animals and their symbols.

Happy Easter, Spring Time, coming April~ Whatever have you.



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