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Thursday, January 13, 2005

I realized...

...I'm sadly out of shape. Today was my first 'workout'. Remember that New Year's Resolution? Well, I joined a local women's gym. Now, I thought I was in decent shape. Today that dillusion was shot to h*ll and back. My most favorite machine--the oblique twister. (Can you tell I really know the names?). Yeah, well, I still hate, and always have the 'kicking' machine. Then there was the hula-hoop of torture. Sadistically--or would that be masochistically?--enough, I enjoyed it. Nothing like self inflicted pain. The hoop weighed four pounds with these inner 'rubber nubs'. No problem I thought. OH MY GOD. It hurt like H*ll. And yet, I found myself going through the cycle waiting to get back to the rainbowed hoop of Hades. My stomach hurts. :)

Why do we do this to ourselves? To stay healthy. Well, I know my grandmother lived for 92 years and she never used a gym. So I wonder....what am I missing?

OH well, perhaps I'll finally have those pre-children abs back, or at the very least a closer image to it, the pre-children a$$? Well, as I said, there is hope. And it's a goal right?

Of course, as soon as the workout was over, I went and got a mango tea-zing. Hey, at least it was better than say--pouring sugar straight down my gullet. There was fruit--at least flavor--and caffiene. And I earned it. That hoop will give me nightmares.