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Thursday, January 06, 2005

I'm a hamster.....

...and I've got a squeaky wheel.

Ever had one of those days where you do all this....stuff, yet you can't really pin point any one thing you DID. Or rather there is nothing 'showable' for what you've been so busy doing? No? Well, I knew I was weird anyway.

I think everyone will be happy to know that I have found the top of my desk! That's right and it's brown! I also found the poisonous seeds that Mr. Procrastination left in hopes to rue more woe. Alas I beat him this time, but he's like the 'one who must not be spoken'---he keeps returning. One day I will completely conquer Procrastination. Then I'll vanquish him to the deepest darkest pit on earth. Yeah, and the Rocky Mountains will move east.

Managed to get my newsletter out today. Next up: Updating a few things on my website, hopefully at some point today, check in with the boards and edit a few chapters in my historical.

We will see how productive this day has been later. Oh, and laundry...did manage to get laundry and dishes done. Now, don't you all feel so very informed? LOL. One has to just love these blogs.

Sweet moment of the day: My son informed me who he was going to marry. He's in preschool. :) I was devastated that I've been shoved aside for a beautiful classmate of his.

Until next time ~ Adios!