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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

To Ponder...

Well, it's been awhile, yes? Sorry about that. Time got away. Then again, where else will time get, if not away?

I've been buried in edits. And am still in the edit mire. Let's see, what all has gone on. There was getting stuff ready for the taxes. Check. And I mentioned in my previous blog the fun to be had in reinstalling hard drives? Yes, well, there are also pesky things like lost files that will not open from back up disks. :) I'm smiling.

Oh and I learned this week that my month of workouts left me fat weight loss and muscle weight gain, along with several inches lost. No pain, no gain and all that jazz. So I was happy.

And Valentines is over---thank goodness. Not that I don't enjoy romance as much as the next person. Call me cynical, or jaded. And yes, I got flowers, and champagne and chocolate and... Well, anyway. But I looked at all this stuff in the stores and thought---My God, we're materialistic. No, this is not one of those epiphany moments. It's more a soap box, of which I will spare you the majority of. But seriously, men and women, do we *really* need an excuse to tell loved ones we love them? Would it mean more to get the flowers, gifts, cards, whatever on any given day just because? Or do we all like slotted days for such things? Granted, this hasn't really worried me as I have more cards than I know what to do with. BUT, I mean the marketing and commercial worlds make a killing off holidays, special days, any day. Good thing I guess. And what is the point of all this? Don't have a freaking clue. Just thought I'd share with you all. Simply because I CAN.

Hope you all have a great day/week. Until next time that I see fit to bore you and share useless info...........



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