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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


...otherwise known as reinstalling the hard drive on your computer with the help of Tech Support. :) Yes, I had A BLAST. I think EVERYONE should do this. I realized I was in the wrong business and should have struggled through those college calculus classes and majored in computer programming. It would have been easier. There is more I could say, but it just wouldn't be nice and my grandmother always said if you can't say something nice, then hush up. So I guess I'll hush up on that topic. Or not.

Also getting tax stuff together. I think to round the week off I'll have a mammogram and a root canal. Yeah.

Best moment of the day: Watching my kids climb the tree outside the window and remembering simply joys of life. :)

Until next time..........


Blogger Hunn said...

Omg hello i dont kno u at all i dont evne kno if ure a chick or a guy but i just wanna say WE HAVE THE SAME NAME lol..im sorry i had to tell u well i m out


4:37 PM  

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