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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's Monday. It's like Murphy's Law meets Dr. Suess. That's what Mondays are to me. Of course if I had slept a bit more this weekend, that might help, but as it is, sleep is a forgotten luxury.

The weekend was great. I got to sign my books. My first book signing at Waldenbooks Store in Austin. It was FREAKING BLOODY WICKED. Yes. My first. Firsts in life are special, cause....well, they're first. Ya know? So I drove to Austin on Thursday for promo stuff to take to St. Louis. I decided to drop by the mall and check Walden's....just in case. Nope, they don't have my book and can't order it...so the computer tells them. Fine, nothing new there. I then went and blew entirely too much money at Barnes and Nobles, but man, I'm loaded on new reference books! So Friday the phone rings and guess what? It's Walden's. They've got a couple of my books in---would I like to come sign them? Does a new writer want to come sign their books IN THE BOOKSTORE? Well, lemme think aobut this---I had to struggle with my answer. Seriously....NOT. So early the next morning, armed with a digital camera, I hop into my car, zooom back down to Austin and arrive all of ten minutes after the store opened. Yes, it was simply bustling with activity. I didn't really notice, though. I got to sign my books! And they were nice enough to take pictures! AND they've already ordered more. AND, they faced mybook OUT on the bookshelf! It was so bloody wicked! I can't get over it. Surreal. Totally surreal.

There is also the issue of inlaws coming for the weekend for a visit. And this translates to: Oh Sh!t! Now I need to clean. After all I'm such a spectacular housekeeper. *snort* yeah, right. So that's me. I'm cleaning and doing the 'we'll-put-it-off-until-we-simply-can't-any-longer' jobs. But I'm smiling. I signed my books!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day and a wonderful week. I'm trying to get my yahoo group started for chats. Maybe this week. One can annialate only so many dust bunnies (or in our case jackrabbits...maybe jackalopes?) before going completely insane. :)

Until the next report, or pointless rambling....



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