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Monday, September 26, 2005

My inner nerd. I was a nerdy kid in school. Really I was. Younger, I loved science and loved to try experiments. I grew out of that and the need to fly and see if I could actually build a space ship that would defy physics and launch me and a crew several lightyears away.

Yeah, so anywho, then my thing was history and social studies. That's right. I love history, anthropology, political sciences...I'm a nerd. I knew this, after all who else gets as excited over researching a book as they do about writing it? Well, probably several others.

THE point, is that I've learned how to create decent looking websites. Really...okay, I think so. I was messing around trying to create one for a friend of mine. Little MS Publisher, some feathering and smudging, layering in photoshop, then import (read copy and paste) into Frontpage and viola... Website.

Maybe I'll stop writing and start creating websites for authors and charge outrageous sums or something. Then again, maybe I'll just write about a heroine who creates websites for authors and is stalked by a serial killer! That's more my style, don'tchya think? Bwwwaahahahahahahahahahahahaaha.

One day I will fascinate some poor psychiatrist.

Laugh just for the hell of it--I promise, people will stop, stare and ponder.....



Blogger super diz (marca registrada) said...

nerd power!

anyway, nice blog. mine is boring and lime green.
stay classy.

11:40 AM  
Blogger Jaci Burton said...

only you could take something benign like creating websites and create a stalking serial killer story out of it.

you still scare me. but i love you anyway *g*

9:17 AM  

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