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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New Beginnings

LIfe is full of new beginnings. Relatioships, love, children.... The list is endless. Well, today I had a new beginning. My first born started first grade. Granted he's been in a private school for the last two years, but it was half a day. This was different. This was 'big' school. All day, lots of rules, and not seeing his brother. Lots of changes.

No, I did not cry today. Really. I didn't. Thought about it. Got sniffly last night, but it's such a joy to watch them all excited, to see them walk in a new room and hear them say: "Bye, Mom!"

Now, here's the time I've always wanted, a bit more time for myself. School all day, think of the things I'll get done, the things I'll get accomplished. *snort*

Instead, the youngest and I piddled aroudn the house. I cleaned out dressers and closets. Lord forbid I sit and write. After being home all summer, all the years, the house was quiet. No fighting, no bickering, no mixed giggles and 'Quit it!'

Sort of a look down the road in a few years. One of those soul searchign moments and eye openers: Enjoy every minute. It'll all be gone before you know it.

Of course then we all got home and it was again a loving sibling battle zone over Lincoln Logs. Before I started hollering about sharing and not throwing, I realized, "I'm sick, I missed this."

LOL. Hope everyone had a wonderful day! To screaming kids, dinners no one wants to eat and not enough time in any given day! Life is great!



Blogger April Joleen said...


I totally empathize. As of Tuesday I only have one child left at home, and next year she'll start Kindergarten and then all 6 of the kiddos will be gone all day.

I took my 5 yo to Kindergarten and was shocked and *gasp* suprised when she basically told me to get out. Obviously she was fine, I was not. Ofcourse this week has bene ok,..but for a few brief moments,..I literally t hought,..and what do I do NOW? Don't know what next year will be like.

I keep saying I'll have more time to write,..but so far this week, I've only managed to write about 10 pages. SIGH

4:15 PM  
Blogger Monica Burns said...

Well, Jaycee, I can feel sympathy, but not much. ROFL

My oldest starts highschool next week, while the youngest will start 2nd grade. I have those occasional moments of peace and quiet, and I treasure those and wish for more. I really am looking forward to being WITHOUT kids. LOL I know people say, "just you wait," but I don't think so. However, I will admit that I think I'll miss the daily dose of spontaneous hugs, the laughter and the giggles, and the outrageous comments that make you just stare at your kids, going, it's on their father's side, it has to be. There's no way they got that gene from MOI! ROFL

I started letting go of my kids the day they were born, I think it's going to help me deal with that "empty nest syndrome" a lot easier. Besides, they will come home on occasion. *grin* But I'm betting I'll be glad when they leave to go to their own homes and give me my peace and quiet back. LOL


4:23 PM  
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