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Friday, September 09, 2005


Today is Friday, thank God! I'm really ready for the week to be over. I feel like I haven't been home all week. Yesterday was one child's birthday. Lots of fun after the soccer practice. But anyway, we celebrated and had a lot of fun. Daddy had even more fun when we opened the box of Extreme Marble mania---what is this? Think gadget with wheels and chutes that work when marbles are dropped and spin and roll down said chutes. It's about 400 pieces. LOL. Who said women weren't devious? My husband KNOWS I am.

And speaking of husbands, I was SO proud of him today. First off we were having lunch. Afterwards, he was inside paying and I was buckling child number two in the carseat. Well, this truck goes by and guys whistle. I look around? No one else and the dude waves. I smiled. It's nice to be whistled at. ;) So hubby comes out and I tell him. Like a normal guy, he scans the street and then proceeds to tell him about how the guy could have been some wacko. What if he got the license plate number? Had I noticed if the pickup followed me before? I just looked at him, laughed, then hugged him. I've taught him SOOOOO well. See a villian EVERYWHERE!!! Bwwwaaaaahahahahahahahahahaaaaa......

And what is my pet peeve of hte day? Obsessive compulsive, anal retentive cashiers. I'm in a hurry. Granted, I realize it's not their fault I'm in said hurry. Normally, I could careless cause let's face it--I'm a bit neurotic and high strung. Yeah, so anyway. I'm waiting in line and the lady in front of me wants a price check, then she wanted to put something else back, then she wrote the 'wrong' check. I smiled and didn't even sigh. Finally it's my turn. So I set stuff on the belt and wait. Now, I tend to be a bit OCD myself. I like all the dry goods sorta piled together, meats, frozen stuff...ect... you get the idea. But apparently that wasn't good enough. Kid you not, she rearranged the way stuff was 'stacked' on the belt, then slowly scanned each piece. Then, then she sorts it just so in the no-support normal plastic sacks, making certain the cans are all set properly, the boxes all lined from tallest to shortest. I'm thinking, I'm in a freaking hurry, just throw the s*it in already. BUT I didn't. I just smiled and told her to have a nice day then liked to have mowed down an elderly lady who was coming in as I was going out. *sigh* Yeah, I can be a witch.

So this week, we've had three birthday parties between everyone in the family, soccer, and I've driven.... roughly 420 miles this week and that's staying in town after I drop the kids off--and driving to the mall. I love living in BFE when the gas prices are what they are.
I think that's all of the pointless rambles I can give. I did finish a paranormal last week. Started back on a contemporary suspense this week. I'm trying to come up with some sort of Christmas short story idea. Anyone have thoughts? Email me. lol. Nyx, the bitch, is either striking her muse job, or drinking margaritas down in Mexico.
Have a great and safe weekend everyone!


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