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Monday, February 13, 2006

Workouts, donuts and fairies

Work outs and donuts. Great combos don’t you think? Well I did my part. I went nad burned off plenty of calories this morning. Even worked out. That’s right. I worked on abs, hamstrings, my thighs, biceps, triceps, pecs. Managed to keep the hula hoop from hell right around my hips so now I’ll sport some lovely bruises tomorrow. THEN I went and bought a dozen donut holes. I really went in to get coffee because 1) it’s cheap 2) it’s so dark you can scrape it off your teeth and then jitter around all day. But there they were, fresh and warm and just sighing out. So I had to get them. BUT I was strong. I didn’t eat the entire dozen donut holes. Just like…3/4 of them. It’s like watching the food network, all the great recipes and decadent dishes only to go to a diet, workout, newest weightloss commercial. Am I the only one that finds the humor in this? Then again, I am a bit weird, so maybe I am.

I feel like a mom today or rather yesterday—we did the whole Little League tryouts. First time ever. Very exciting. Then we went and purchased a mitt and a bag to hold our bat and other sport paraphernalia in. Tonight is a family function night at the school. And the valentine’s party at the PreK. I learned last night that a preschooler who goes by initials doesn’t care to write out everyone’s name on their valentine cards. And not just any cards mind you. Star Wars. Yes, kids are never dull. He informed me that everyone else just needed to go by two letters cause it was a lot easier than the kid with eight letters in their name. He marches to the beat of his own drum that I think he sometimes gets from me. Since he informed his brother last night that the Tooth fairy did not have feet. I coulnd’t help. I had to ask. Well, what they need them for. They have wings. His older brother then pointed out that birds have wings, but feet as well. It’s was bedtime, I didn’t stick around for the rest of the heated debate on whether or not fairies had feet or only used them when their wings got tired. My oldest did ask, “what are they gonna do if a wing breaks or gets hurt? Roll?”

So, that sums up my weekend. Hope everyone had a great time. Laters!

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