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Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Burn Bitch Strikes Again

I swear! I think she sneaks in and just does it for laughs.

No, I set nothing afire . Really, I didn't. No smoking microwaves (the new one works very well, thank you). No candles to get rid of the reek of something smoldering.

So I decide to grill burgers. Now, in my defense, this is a relatively new grill and my first attempt to cook on it, AND it's dark. So I stick those patties on there and listen to them sizzle. yes, I am good. Got supper cooking. Run inside and do some laundry, check boys, load the dishwasher. Check burgers yet again, still not done, so I sighed and thought, dang, how long does this take?

Slap them back down and go back in the house. I swear it was only a few mintues. So yeah, they were a wee bit done. OK, really done. One side is kinda ...well...charred. The top fine. So I covered the charred with cheese thinking...maybe it won't taste so bad. *snort*

Again the seven year old looks at them, then at me and just shook his head. "Momma, next time let me do it." So we're eating, mostly chips and salad. The five year old takes a bite and then says: "Mom, I think it's pink. I see pink" (Now, I don't mind medium rare meats. They taste better. but I have issues with feeding half cooked meat to my kids, especially beef--but that's another neurosis). I explained it was the just the tomato. He argued.

Seven Y.O. shakes his head and says, "HOW can you see pink? There's no pink. How can there be pink? They're burned. Crispy."

So there's my grilling foray. I've decided cereal is very healthy. So are sandwiches and grilled cheeses. I really can't screw those up.

I wonder if the pagans believed in little kitchen spirits that burned food? Must find the answer to that one. I'll just blame it on them/it from now on.

Jaycee *yes, for any wondering, I have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. )


Blogger mandymroth said...

Cookies? You burnt cookies, in a microwave?

Excuse me while I laugh until i pee!


4:16 AM  

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