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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Divine Intervention to Dieting

Fire hazard in the kitchen...that'd be me.

So i wanted a snack. What? Popcorn? No. Cereal? No. *bing* cookies! That's right. Chocolate cookies. Special cookies, homemade and sent as a gift. chocolate dough covering mint Hershy kisses. The best way to eat these babies is by nuking them for about twenty seconds so that the inner kiss is melted. :) Great! One? No, let's be really bad and go for two. So I grab a napkin (hey, I'd just finished washing dishes). Placed two of the little chocolate orbs onto the napkin, set the napkin with cookies inside the microwave. Since there's two, we'll go thirty seconds.

ALAS, at 10 seconds to go I smelled burnt chocolate. I quickly opened the door to be engulfed in smoke and to see sparks from where the edges of the cookies melded together and then charred the napkin. OUT the door onto the deck, the stinking mess went.

I'm standing there agast. Twenty seconds and two burnt chocolate cookies later, the kitchen reeking of smoke I'm thinking, huh, maybe I should lay off the cookies?

*enter seven year old* "Moooom. What did you burn now?" (Do you see a pattern here?) He looks out onto the deck, then back to me. "Cookies?" Then to the microwave. "In the MICROWAVE?" Total awe in three small words. He just shook his head. While I'm climbing ontop of hte cabinets to open windows, he's cataloguing all my past burning accomplishments. Yes, I've burnt teflon off the pan, boiled water down to nothing, burnt boiled eggs (I mentioned the water down to nothing, right?) My children still won't eat toast out of the oven due to memories of flames.

I am still rather shocked. I tried a grape experiement that my aunt passed on once she learned of my burned cookies. Sparks did not fly, flames arose.

So a new microwave later, the airfreshened kitchen, I am happy to report that I have been cookie free for three days! I figured it was divine intervention to diet. I'd rather have had "Lay off the cookies" written on the ceiling, but sparks, charred paper and smoke in all of twenty seconds works too!

Happy cooking all! And remember--Keep those fire extinguishers close! I think I'll stick to writing.


Blogger Gail aka Katelyn aka Who? said...

Perhaps next year I'll send a different kind of cookie???

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