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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Another day

Another day, another dollar, isn't that the saying? Yes, well, I've been busy writing, cleaning, writing, cooking, writing, cleaning, writing...you get the idea.

Plotting, plotting and more plotting. What can I say, I haven't been this swamped with ideas in a long, long time. YES, the VOICES are back . come Voices, come to me, let me hear you! *I just had a flash of the 'servant' on Dracula.*

Anywho, so the muse, Nyx, the ole wench is back with a vengence. So i've got one to finish this weekend. Another short to get done, another proposal to get in and then edits for The Dream! Hopefully, I'll have a release date on that book shortly.

What else? Anything? Oh, yeah, got a stellar rejection from Simon and Schuster. ;) I think Warner's is my favorite--I'm too dark. And Mira--too dark again. I LOVE being too dark. I'm so weird I know.

I'm also thinking of going red. Red highlights in my hair? what? Who the hell am I kidding? I don't have time to fix my hair half the damn time, who has time for highlights. I have stories to write, victims to stalk, villains to hunt and finally bring down. Guess I should let the heroes get a kiss or two.

Have a great one!


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