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Friday, September 15, 2006

Expectations and Willy Wonka

The problem with exectations are that you...well, you expect them or the quality of them to live up to a certain level in your mind. There's a profound thought. hahaha.

So this week has taught me to expect a wee bit less on many, many levels.

First off there was the cancelled minitrip. I should do 'the bright side', I get to save on four hundred miles worth of gas--well, eight with the return trip. But damn, I sure wanted to go. However, an 8 y.o. with the barfies who has undoubtedly passed said virus to his younger brother is not really condusive to a long road trip. sigh. I swear if htere is a vomit bug within a mile of us, my kiddos will get it. Actually, it's going through the school. so it's been fun.

I'd 'expected' to be further along with Deadly Deceptions than I currently am this week (read above paragraph). And speaking of Deadly Deceptions, it'd be really, really, REALLY damn nice if those Kinncaid wouldn't throw those curve balls I didn't see coming, if they did the EXPECTED thing. But I'm working with it. I like this twist actually, so anywho....

And then there is the fact of females and salons. Why do we go into salons wiht ideas of what our hair should look like when we come out? Actually, I'm not that difficult to please. Really, I'm not. I was to the point that my hair was hitting below my shoulders and I knew I had to either trim it or style it because it was just ...blah... A damned if I didn't deserve to look HOT. So I decided to go really, REALLY WILD. That's right, WILD, with my very own classic bob. I know, could I have been any more conservative? But it was shorter, stress free and looks good. I'm thinking, new 'do', I'm looking gooooooood with my new hair and cool shades. It's about chin level. Yeah, so I pick up my darling children from school. My youngest says, "You cut your hair!" My oldest. "Yeah, you did."
"Get buckled up, boys, we're holding up the line."
"You look like..." --the youngest. "Like.. I know! Willy Wonka!"
Oldest. "YOU DO!"
OHMYGOD. Just the look I was going for. Johnny Depp in drag. --then again is there such a thing?
I love my children. They really keep things in perspective. :)

Have a LOVELY weekend! ~ Jaycee


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